Things To Keep In Mind On Your First Week As A Construction Worker

If you are an individual who is just not cut out for office jobs that involves a lot of sitting down and dressing up formally, construction might just be the profession for you. You will of course, have to work long and hard to impress the supervisors and become successful in the field by gaining plenty of experience, but there is good money in this highly demanded industry for the individuals who are willing to break a sweat, and who knows, you might even be able to one day start your very own business and become a successful entrepreneur. In this article, we will look into a few things that you must keep in mind on your first week on the job.

No cellphones at the site!

Supervisors will keep a close eye on you to make sure you don’t put yourself or anyone else in harm’s way through negligence and lack of attention, because this is an industry that requires its workers to always be vigilant about their surroundings to avoid injuries. In a construction site, you will not get the time or the opportunity to check your phone or even answer a call because that can distract you from everything that is happening around you. Imagine how bad it would be if you carelessly lean against mobile scaffold towers while answering a call, and bring down an elevated platform where others were working; catastrophic! Therefore, leave the phone in your car or the locker and if you must, use the breaks to check the phone or update a Facebook status.

Dress right

Construction sites are dangerous and everyone who enters the premises must wear the right safety gear to keep themselves safe from any physical injuries. As an individual who will be working in such an environment for the foreseeable future, get your safety equipment, tools and gear ready now itself. You employer is obliged to provide you with pretty much all that you need, but it will be your responsibility to wear them at all times without being lazy or too concerned about your looks. You never know when you will face the danger of falling off a great rope access in Adelaide or getting hit on the head with a falling load or a moving steel bar. Therefore, make it a point to wear hard boots, hard hats, grippy gloves, reflective vests and safety goggles.

Food and drinks

You will have to do some real tiring tasks and the sun will not make them any easier. You will definitely burn a lot of calories while working, which means you must intake the right level of nutrients to rejuvenate the body and get ready for the things you have to do after the break. Most employers will provide meals and drinks, but until you get to know for sure, take your own stuff and go to work. The food you eat must be nutritious and there should be plenty of water to avoid being dehydrated under the scorching heat of the sun.